Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Kaffah Collector : Henny Emelda from Singapore

Hi Henny, since you are living in Singapore, can you share with us how do you know about KAFFAH ?

I stumbled upon Siti Juwariyah's blog when I was searching for hijab fashion and the hijabers community on the net.  I love the way she styles her scarves, and discovered that she uses her own label called KAFFAH. I found out that there is a local reseller called Turquoise Closet on facebook, and ordered my first few KAFFAH scarves from TC. I finally found the perfect scarf that suits me best. And the rest is history. :)

How often do  you wear your KAFFAH Scarves?

I wear them all the time.  At least 90% of the time when I am out of the house. :)

Awesome! So how many do you have now in your collection?

I discovered KAFFAH in March this year.  So within these past 3 months, I already own 30 KAFFAH scarves in my collection.  I always look forward to Turquoise Closet's new KAFFAH launch every month now to add to my "KAFFAH rainbow". :)

What do you think about KAFFAH Scarves? And will you recommend others to wear it too?

I believe the products speak for themselves. After I started wearing KAFFAH scarves, I often get compliments from friends - both hijabers and non-hijabers who are considering on wearing the hijab - on how pretty and flowy the scarves look.  KAFFAH's size and quality of material are so suitable for those who want to try out different hijab styles.  KAFFAH's not only soft, flowy and comfortable, it is perfect for both casual wear and formal events. :)


  1. ooouchh.. i am so envy with uu Heny...for me , it's little bit hard to find kaffah in Jakarta, because kaffah is sold out sooo fast in muse..:(.. and the online store is restock kaffah rarely... siti please produce kaffah more and more again..pleasee..

  2. lucky for her.. kita aja yang di indonesia mau beli susah bangeet!!!!!!

  3. luv your small interview and the whole collection of your shawls and wraps